HDPE Lined RCC Pipes


Concrete is attacked by Acids and Alkaline. The powerful inorganic sulphuric acid reacts with hydrated calcium silicates and lime present in the cement structure and reduces it to a soft swelling paste. Increase global industrialization causing a steady increase in the number of aggressive agents in waste water, especially agents such as Hydrogen Sulphide.

Also, the presence of sulphate and chloride in soil creates aggressive saline conditions that pose a threat to concrete resulting in:

  • Reduces structure strength, increased failures.
  • Decreased flow of sewerage.
  • High Maintenance Cost.
  • Need for newer lines, increase life costs.




The authorities responsible for installation of sewerage pipelines around the world are now seeking the solution on how to make use of the excellent life time properties of concrete pipes and at the same time protect the pipelines against aggressive chemicals. The use of a thin layer of soft or semi-soft PVC or PE lines on the inside of the concrete pipe surface has within the last 20-25 years has proved its ability to meet the market demand for such kind of concrete surface protection.

T-Lining is a flexible sheet liner which is flat on one side whilst the reverse side is provided with parallel T-shaped ribs with locking extensions. T-Lining’s projection moulded in T-ribs are designed to allow concrete to flow around them during casting and is then vibrated to ensure a dense, void-free structure with the HDPE Lining secure to its face, permanently locking the liner into place as an integral part of the concrete substrate this isolating the concrete from the harmful effects of corrosive chemicals for long period of time that can be measured in decades.

We are also glad to announce that we are the only manufacturer as well as supplier in our area who manufacture HDPE Lined RCC Pipes.