Box Culverts

Box Culverts are a perfect answer for waste courses with wide stream and low pressure driven head. SGG precast solid box courses are additionally reasonable for troublesome site conditions as establishment requires insignificant exhuming and inlay.

Outlined and fabricated in agreement to the Design and Drawing by MNIT Jaipur. SGG Box Culverts are accessible in range sizes from 600 MM upto 2000 MM with the length of 1250 MM.

A bespoke CAD configuration benefit is additionally accessible where non-standard unit sizes can be obliged alongside some other interior highlights asked for by the customer.

SGG experienced specialists and enumerating group together with a cutting edge generation office at Newai, Distt. Tonk, Rajasthan, have the adaptability to rapidly react to meet any outline criteria and convey in the nick of time necessities.

Provided in either single or different runs, the utilization of precast solid box areas in structural building ventures is far reaching, from their utilization for guiding conduits to the arrangement of weakening tanks and underpasses.

Currently, RIICO, Jaipur Development Authority, RSRDC, PWD, etc. are the major clients of the Precast Box Culverts.

Box Culverts are available in different Sizes. Details are given below:

S. No. Size Length
1. 600 MM * 600 MM 1250 MM
2. 750 MM * 750 MM 1250MM
3. 1000 MM * 1000 MM 1250 MM
4. 1000 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
5. 1250 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
6. 1500 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
7. 1500 MM * 1500 MM 1250 MM
8. 1750 MM * 1750 MM 1250 MM
9. 2000 MM * 2000 MM 1250 MM

All available sizes of Precast Box Culverts are as per MNIT approved drawings. Consequently, we also manufacture as per the drawings and specifications provided by our clients.

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