Box Culverts


Box Culverts are an ideal solution for drainage culverts with wide flow and low hydraulic head. SGG precast concrete box culverts are also suitable for difficult site conditions as installation requires minimal excavation and backfill.

Designed and manufactured in accordance to the Design and Drawing by MNIT Jaipur. SGG Box Culverts are available in span sizes from 600 MM upto 2000 MM with the length of 1250 MM.

A bespoke CAD design service is also available where non-standard unit sizes can be accommodated along with any other internal features requested by the client.

SGG experienced engineers and detailing team together with a modern production facility at Newai, Distt. Tonk, Rajasthan, have the flexibility to quickly respond to meet any design criteria and deliver just-in-time requirements.

Supplied in either single or multiple runs, the use of precast concrete box sections in civil engineering projects is wide ranging, from their use for directing watercourses to the provision of attenuation tanks and underpasses.

Box Culverts are available in different Sizes. Details are given below:

S. No. Size Length
1. 600 MM * 600 MM 1250 MM
2. 750 MM * 750 MM 1250MM
3. 1000 MM * 1000 MM 1250 MM
4. 1000 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
5. 1250 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
6. 1500 MM * 1250 MM 1250 MM
7. 1500 MM * 1500 MM 1250 MM
8. 1750 MM * 1750 MM 1250 MM
9. 2000 MM * 2000 MM 1250 MM